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I write about cybersecurity and tech policy with The Daily Swig - a UK-based publication created by web security firm PortSwigger.

Work also found in NBC, Vice, and the International New York Times.


Photos taken by Catherine Chapman.


I am a founding board member of the InfoSec Hoppers - a group created to support women working in information security.

I am currently working with the Manchester-based cybersecurity consulting firm Digital Interruption to develop new media models, looking at ways in which hackers and journalists can work together more proactively in order to produce better representations of security.

My interests are vast but predominately surround the interaction between online and offline spaces including how sex can inform legislation surrounding unauthorized access of computer systems and the long-term effects of both digital and physical conflict.

This has also led to research into addiction and the internet and child safety online.

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Speaking as editor of a magazine for Brunel University London during the launch of the institution's Innovation Hub in 2014.

Kyiv 2017